10 Bike Storage Solutions for Apartments

Creative Bike Storage Ideas

If you live in an apartment or a small home without a garage, finding a place to put your bike/s can be a bit of a challenge. To solve this predicament, I encourage you to look up, down, and sideways and check out the bike storage products I curated below.  

How do you find space to store your bike when you are living in an apartment? For studio and small areas, using wall-mount hooks, bike racks, floor-to-ceiling racks, and bike pulleys will save on floor space. Floor parking and bike stands will also work to make your home look a little less cluttered. A two-in-one shelf and bike storage will provide an extra room for your accessories, so it is excellent for small spaces.  

Based on personal experience, and those I ride with, here are ten products that will help you store your bikeOpens in a new tab. safely and securely in small spaces.

What are my options for wall-mounted bike storage?

Not all people would be comfortable with hanging their bikes on the wall in their living room. Personally, I have no problem with this; call it my cycling chandelier.  

It adds a little bit of character to my living room and reveals a part of my personality to my visitors. Plus it does the job of saving precious floor space.  

But, if you live in an apartment, it is best to double-check with your landlord and your agreement before mounting anything on the wall.  

You can choose from the products below to display your babies without making your room look like a garage.

Wall mount hooks

Will mount hooks are the simplest wall bike storage solution that you can find.  

This Dirza Wall Mount Bike HangerOpens in a new tab. is best for storing your bike horizontally on your wall.  

[lasso ref=”dirza-bike-rack-garage-wall-mount-bike-hanger-storage-system-vertical-bike-hook-for-indoor-shed-easily-hang-detach-heavy-duty-holds-up-to-65-lb-with-screws-black” id=”1006″ link_id=”293″]

The arm holder is padded with rubber so you will have no problem damaging your bike. It can carry at most 38 lbs and folds away when not in use.  

For hanging your bikes vertically, you can check out this Auwey Bike Wall Mount Hook Rack which can hold up to 66 lbs. It has an anti-scratch hook and anti-slip treads to keep your bike in place. It is best to put this near the corner of a room where it will not disturb foot traffic.

Wall-mounted bike racks

Maximize the space on your ceiling with this Zero Gravity Bike Rack that attaches to the wall.  

[lasso ref=”zero-gravity-racks-zero-gravity-bike-rack-solid-wall-mounted-bike-storage-rack-for-home-or-garage-patented-bike-holder-bicycle-hanger-system-powder-coat-finish” id=”997″ title=”Zero Gravity Bike Rack” link_id=”294″]

You must place your bike horizontally and then raise it toward the ceiling to clear the space below.  

It has a patented gas strut system so you can lift and lower your bike quickly. This natural access feature is a plus for me since I use my bike regularly, and it can safely hold up to 50 lbs.

Storage rack and shelf

A two-in-one solution for your storage needs, a bike rack shelf can hold your bike and accessories too.  

This wall-mounted BYKO Bike Rack ShelfOpens in a new tab. is compact enough for entryways and can hold your bike, keys, gears, and more with its two-tiered shelf, bike hooks, and four small hooks. It comes in gray and walnut colors.  

[lasso ref=”wallniture-byko-wall-mounted-bicycle-storage-rack-shelf-horizontal-bike-hook-holder-with-shelves” id=”1005″ title=”Wallniture Byko Wall Mounted Bicycle Storage Rack Shelf” link_id=”295″]

This Cor Surf Bike Rack WallOpens in a new tab. is another excellent option for storing both your bike and accessories.   Made with sustainable bamboo, it is an excellent solution if you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative.

[lasso ref=”bike-wall-mount-and-shelf-bamboo-folding-bicycle-storage-rack-made-with-eco-friendly-sustainable-bamboo” id=”1001″ price=”show” title=”Cor Surf Bike Rack Wall” link_id=”296″]

It also folds away when not in use, so it’s handy for homes with really tight spaces.  

The published weight limit is 45 lbs. The only downside is that it is not suitable for women’s bike frames or full suspension mountain bikes.

How do I maximize my ceiling space?

Bike pulleys

Bike pulleys are perfect if you have lots of vertical space.  

This El Greco Bike HoistOpens in a new tab. from Delta Cycle can hold a maximum of 50 lbs.  

[lasso ref=”delta-cycle-bike-storage-hoist-for-garage-bicycle-hooks-pulley-system-auto-locking-ceiling-bike-rack-with-50-lb-capacity-kayak-hoist-option-bike-hangers-for-garage-ceiling-up-to-12-ft” id=”1003″ price=”show” title=”Delta Cycle Bike Storage Hoist” link_id=”297″]

It has a smart auto-locking system to prevent accidental release.  

Pro Tip: it can also store kayaks, ladders, and more, so you might want to buy extra for storing other things in your house.

What are my bike storage options when I can’t drill anything on my walls?

If building regulations prevent you from mounting anything on your wall or like me you are renting an apartment, you can still keep things organized with some on-the-floor solutions.  

Things like:

Parking rack/stand

Floor parking is the simplest solution for organizing your bike in that limited floor space.  

This OneTwoFit Portable Parking Stand can be folded and tucked under a four-inch area when not in use.  

[lasso ref=”onetwofit-portable-parking-stand-foldable-iron-bike-floor-rack-for-20-29-bikes-indoor-home-using-ot083″ id=”1002″ title=”OneTwoFit Portable Parking Stand” link_id=”298″]

If you have limited floor space but cannot mount anything on the walls, you can vertically park your bike with this multi-function Dinsam Top Bike Floor Parking StandOpens in a new tab..  

[lasso ref=”dinsam-top-vertical-bike-stand-indoor-bike-rack-fits-nearly-all-bikes-frees-4-feet-of-floor-space” id=”1000″ title=”Dinsam Top Vertical Bike Stand Indoor Bike Rack” link_id=”299″]

It allows you to park your bike horizontally or vertically and can fit most bikes including mountain, road, and kids’ bikes. If you have more than one bike in your house (lucky you!), it can be a challenge to find a space for both of them especially if wall mounting is not an option.  

This Delta Michaelangelo Two-Bike Gravity RackOpens in a new tab. may be the storage solution that can work for you in that instance. Once assembled, lean it on a wall, and that’s it! Simple.  

[lasso ref=”delta-cycle-bike-storage-hoist-for-garage-bicycle-hooks-pulley-system-auto-locking-ceiling-bike-rack-with-50-lb-capacity-kayak-hoist-option-bike-hangers-for-garage-ceiling-up-to-12-ft” id=”1003″ title=”Delta Michaelangelo Two-Bike Gravity Rack” link_id=”300″]

This rack can handle up to 80 lbs. It does come with an optional attachment strap to keep it secured on the wall, but it will work fine without it.  

I wouldn’t recommend it if you have energetic toddlers running around though.  

Oh, and if your home is sitting on an earthquake belt, you better fix it onto the wall (but that kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it).

Floor to ceiling rack

When your home has plenty of vertical space, check out this Feedback Sports Velo ColumnOpens in a new tab. to safely hold two bikes horizontally.  

[lasso ref=”feedback-sports-velo-column-floor-to-ceiling-bicycle-storage” id=”1010″ title=”Feedback Sports Velo Column” link_id=”301″]

Unlike the bike gravity rack, it uses tension rods to hold itself in place.  

It is adjustable to ceiling heights from seven to ten feet. The bike arms are also adjustable so you can level any bike on them for stable storage.  

If you get an optional adapter, it can carry a total of four bikes. I would advise against putting all four bikes as it will be difficult to access the top-most bike.

To sum up

No garage? No problem. The walls, ceiling, and floor in your home, paired with an appropriate product can double as your bike’s storage.  

Ideally, you would want to find a storage solution to keep the bike off the floor, so the best choices are wall-mounted hooks and racks, and bike pulleys.  

There are many products nowadays that can display your bike in the way it deserves, so you don’t have to worry about your living room or entryway looking like a garage.  

Some apartments will not allow any drilling into the wall. For this situation, using a free-standing bike rack will keep your bikes organized and reduce visual clutter in your room.  

There are many options for bike storage for apartments and small houses, and this guide only touches on the solutions out there.  

Pro Tip (second of the day!), jump on Pinterest for some fantastic storage ideas.

Related Questions

Can you give other storage options for my bike that don’t need much assembly and installation? Most of the suggestions above don’t need a complicated setup. If you’d rather not deal with screws, drills, and the like, you can put your bike behind a sofa, or inside a rarely-used closet, which can double as storage for your bike’s accessories too. A floor parking that doesn’t require assembly will also work fine.  

Is it safe to hang a bike by its wheel? While some swear that they have done this for years without any problems, others express concern that it might damage the rim of the bike. For me? I like to be on the safe side. If you are not comfortable with the idea of your bike dangling from the ceiling by its wheel, explore the options I discussed above.

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