Best Free Standing Indoor Bike Storage Options

Finding space for your bike can be a challenge if you live in a small space. More so if you live in an apartment and your landlord will not allow you to drill anything on the wall.

When wall mounts are not an option, there’s got to be a better way than just putting your bike in the corner of the room, or leaning it against the wall, and hoping no one will accidentally bump into it.

How do you find storage for your bike when wall mounting is not possible? The next best thing to wall storage is to use free-standing or wall-leaning bike stands to store your bikes. Most of these let you park your bike horizontally. However, there are options for single or multiple bikes that will let you maximize vertical space without having to mount anything on the wall.

Here are some free-standing indoor bike bicycle storage products that will maximize your space and keep your living room, entryway, or garage more organized.

Single bike – vertical bike stand

For me, a free-standing vertical bike rack for the bike is ideal because it saves on your precious floor space and keeps your room organized.

I highly recommend Bike nookOpens in a new tab. for single bike storage. It saves a lot of space because you can store your bike vertically.

Bike nook

All you have to do is roll the rear wheel into the rack then roll backward until the bike rests on the vertical brace. The brace is adjustable so you can use it for all types of bikes–from kid’s bikes to mountain bikes. It comes with a strap so you can secure your bike on the stand.

Because Bike Nook frees up approximately 3.5 feet of floor space, you can actually squeeze in more bikes in your home. Just buy additional pieces of this product for your other bikes.

For a more flexible way to store your bike, you can check out this Dinsam Top Bike Floor StandOpens in a new tab.. This stand allows you to store your bike horizontally or vertically. For vertical storage, it has a hook for your front rear to keep the bike stable.

It is suitable for most types of bikes: 20″ – 24″ Kids Bikes, 26″ to 29″ Mountain Bikes, and 650c -700c Road Bikes. It can also accommodate bikes with fenders.

Single bike – horizontal storage

If you have a little more room and just want your space to look more organized, then a bike stand that lets you park horizontally might just work for you.

I recommend this OneTwo Fit Portable Parking Stand because you can fold it in a flat shape and tuck it under a four-inch space when not in use. It is suitable for bikes with 20 to 29-inch wheel sizes.

Though it says in its name that it is portable, it weighs around 6.5 lbs. Not that heavy, but if you’ll be carrying it around with other things, then its weight can be an issue.

This Easy Utility StandOpens in a new tab. from Ibera is another portable bike stand that I recommend. In my opinion, this is the one you can actually bring along on your tour or to your office because it weighs only 1.5 lbs. It is foldable, and it is easy to pack in your bag or store away when not in use.

Setting it up is straightforward. You just unfold it, put it on a surface, and you’re done! You can adjust the height to fit any size bike. In addition, it features a 3-way micro-adjustment for the width of your bike.

Unlike other similar-looking bike stands, this Easy Utility Stand supports the bikes by the chainstays, making it effortless for you to place and remove your bike.

It is also great for holding your bike when you need to clean your bike or adjust its drive train or brakes.

If your bike’s wheel is pretty wide and will not fit in standard floor parking, you must check out this Delta Cycle Shop Rack Park.

Its tire holder is infinitely adjustable, it can hold really wide tires. You also don’t have to worry about scratching your floors because it has rubberized feet.

Multiple bike storage

Does everyone in your family owns a bike and it’s driving you nuts thinking where to put them all? Don’t worry, I still got you covered with these floor-parking and bike stand options.

This Floor Bike StandOpens in a new tab. from Racor is a good choice if you have two bikes in your household and ample floor space.

This bike stand is customizable. You can either put the side of your bike by side or in opposite directions to fit the layout of your house or garage.

If you want to maximize vertical space, you can check out this Delta Michaelangelo Two Bike Gravity RackOpens in a new tab.. It comes with an optional attachment strap to secure it on the wall, but it can work without it. Just lean it on the wall and place your bikes.

Another option is this Cycling Deal 2 Bike Floor Rack StandOpens in a new tab.. Unlike the gravity rack mentioned above, you don’t need to lean this one on the wall, its base is enough to handle two bikes. It also features adjustable frame hooks for any type of bike frame.

This Feedback Sports Velo ColumnOpens in a new tab. can also hold two bikes but it doesn’t have a wide base like the Bike Floor Rack Stand above and doesn’t require you to lean it against the wall either. Instead, it has a spring-loaded mechanism that allows you to set it between the floor and the ceiling.

Your ceiling height must be seven to ten feet though. Its arms are adjustable, so you can level any bike regardless of its frame shape.

This PLB-4R – Freestanding Bike Rack, also from Racor, stores up to four bikes while using minimal floor space! It’s great for the whole family if you ask me. What is good about this bike rack is that the arms are totally adjustable to fit any type of bike. It can also hold up to 160 lbs, so it is stable enough for your four bikes.

4 Bike Floor Parking Rack
4 Bike Floor Parking Rack

If you’re looking where to stash your kids’ bikes, however, I just recommend floor parking options for easy access like this 4 Bike Floor Parking RackOpens in a new tab. from Cycling Deal. This parking rack can be easily separated into four individual units. The only downside with this product is that the tire of the mountain bike will not fit in this one.

If you want a more flexible option for floor parking, I recommend this Adjustable Floor Parking RackOpens in a new tab., also from Cycling Deal. This rack is easy to assemble, no tools are needed at all. It is suitable for almost all types of bikes including mountain bikes.

One good feature of this bike is that you can adjust the vertical tire holder for a snug fit. Also, you can adjust the rack in various configurations. You can fit the joints side by side if you want your bikes lined up. Likewise, you can fit the joints in reverse so that the bikes are facing each other.

You can buy them individually or as a set depending on your needs. This also has a rubber-protected base so it will not be a problem for your wooden floors.

In Summary

There are a lot of options when it comes to free-standing indoor bike storage to keep your house or garage organized.

If you want the bikes accessible for you and your kids, floor parking and bike stands are great choices since there is no heavy weight lifting required. Just roll in to park and roll out when you need to go.

Gravity racks and columns that can hold two or more bikes are good options when you need to free up more floor space and you don’t mind lifting your bike up.

Related Questions

Will those free-standing bike racks and wall-leaning bike racks you mentioned here hold up during an earthquake? To tell you frankly, I have no experience with very strong earthquakes where I live so I cannot guarantee. To be sure, I recommend the floor parking options mentioned here if you live in an earthquake belt. The Bike Nook and Dimsam Top Bike Floor Stand are also good choices because they save up on floor space. You just need to buy a couple of them if you have two or more bikes.

I’m really short in space inside my home. Is it okay if I store my bike on a balcony? It is okay to put your bike on a balcony. However, I advise you to use a bike cover to protect it from the weather.

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