What should I Wear on my Turbo Trainer?

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If you’ve just started indoor cycling, you might wonder what’s best to wear during your sessions. Will your outdoor bike kit do? Should you wear as little clothing as possible? If you’re looking for answers, you’ve come to the right place cause we’ve got you covered.

What should I wear on my turbo trainer? One thing you have to consider when riding on your trainer is that you are gonna sweat…A LOT. Wear sweat-wicking clothing to keep you (relatively)cool and comfortable while you’re pounding on your pedals.

Read on for more details.

Base Layers

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It might sound counterintuitive but layering up is advisable for indoor cycling. Isn’t the goal to keep oneself cool? Well, yes. A light moisture-wicking base layerOpens in a new tab. will move the sweat away from your body to help you stay cool.

Base layers are meant to be worn next to your skin and should fit snugly. Base layers are typically made of lightweight, breathable mesh material. You can find sleeveless and short-sleeved base layers. For indoor cycling, I recommend sleeveless baselayers.

Unless it is freezing cold, women may skip the base layer when indoor cycling since they would be wearing a sports bra anyway. Choose a breathable sports bra with adequate support to keep you comfortable during your sessions.

Cycling Shorts

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Many cyclists will recommend using padded cycling shorts when indoor cycling. Padded cycling shorts protect your skin from chafing and make you comfortable in the saddle.

The padding is typically made of 3D silicone gel designed to keep away moisture, provide a smooth surface to minimize friction, and cushion your bottom during your ride. The fabric of padded cycling shorts is also breathable and moisture-wicking.

Men’s and women’s padded shorts are different to accommodate the difference in anatomy.

Padded cycling shorts are meant to be worn next to your skin. Wearing ordinary underwear under this type of cycling shorts defeats the whole purpose of the padding.

If you must wear underwear, choose the ones that are specific for cycling. Cycling underwear is also padded to keep you comfortable on the saddle. If you prefer padded underwear, skip the padded cycling shorts and wear regular shorts with padded cycling underwear instead.

Cycling Shoes

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Choosing the right kind of shoes for indoor cycling is equally important. If you’re an avid outdoor biker, you can use the pair (or pairs) you already have unless you have a different indoor bike setup.

However, if you are new to indoor cycling, you need to know that the type of cycling shoes you choose will depend on what kind of pedal you use for your bike.

Flat pedals require you to use your regular shoes, while SPD pedals require specific cycling shoes with a flat pedal attached to the bottom.

If you are using standard pedals, then you can go for any footwear. Cycling shoes are specially designed shoes with extra padding on the soles.

They have an open structure that allows ventilation and a stiffer sole to provide support while pedaling. Cycling shoes are also more comfortable and have easy-to-use clips to keep your feet locked into the pedals.

A good pair of cycling shoes can make a big difference in performance, especially when riding longer.

Cycling Jerseys

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While riding indoors doesn’t let you show off your cycling jersey to others, there are still key benefits to wearing a cycling jersey when riding indoors.

Riding indoors on a turbo trainer is an excellent way to stay active and maintain your fitness all year.

However, one of the drawbacks of staying inside is that you don’t get to show off your latest cycling jersey or kit like you would when riding outdoors.

But there are still key benefits to wearing cycling jerseys and kits even when riding indoors.

First, wearing a cycling jersey can help make your indoor ride more enjoyable. The tight fit helps wick away sweat from your body, so you stay cool during intense sessions.

Plus, depending on the design and fabric of the jersey or kit, it can also make it feel like you’re back outside again, enjoying the scenery as you pedal along.

Second, certain jerseys have additional features that enhance indoor rides. For example, some jerseys have a pocket where you can store your MP3 player and listen to music.

Others have a reflective strip that makes you more visible to motorists at night. Finally, wearing a cycling jersey can help you feel more like a pro.

You’ll have the same colors and logos on your kit as elite cyclists at the Tour de France. Plus, wearing a cycling jersey can be a great conversation starter among cyclists.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, there’s a variety of clothing items you can wear while using your turbo trainer. From comfortable and breathable shorts and tops to padded shorts that protect against saddle soreness, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Make sure you pick an outfit that is not too tight and won’t slip around while you ride. Paying attention to the fabrics used in cycling gear will help ensure your comfort during your workouts, no matter how intense they may get.

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