How to Get the Zwift Tron Bike: Tips, Tricks & Benefits

Are you looking to upgrade your cycling experience and join the ranks of Zwift’s elite? The Zwift Tron bike is the ultimate status symbol in virtual indoor cycling, but getting it isn’t easy. To get the coveted Zwift Tron bike, you must complete a series of climbing challenges within the game – no store-bought shortcuts!

Here we’ll show you how to get this exclusive item with our tips and tricks for success. So if you’re ready to take on these challenging climbs and become one of the few who own this rare ride, read on for all our advice about how to get the Swift Tron bike – tips and tricks included!

What is the Zwift Tron Bike?

Zwift Tron Bike is the most coveted bike in Zwift that you can only get by completing quests. It is one of the fastest bikes in the game.

Technically, its real name is Zwift Concept Z1. Yeah, boring. Zwift users decided to named it Tron bike instead because its bright neon wheels are reminiscent of the Light Cycle in the movie franchise Tron.

How To Get The Zwift Tron Bike

Getting the Zwift Tron Bike is no easy feat. It requires dedication, determination, and a lot of hard work. But if you’re up for the challenge, it can be done!

To get the Tron Bike, need to complete the Everest Challenge and then climb another 42,000 meters to reach total of 50,000 meters climb on Zwift.

Here are some tips on how to get your hands on this coveted bike:

Sign up for the Everest Challenge

If you want to get the Tron Bike fast, you need to sign up for the Everest Challenge right away. The meters count only after you’ve entered the challenge.

To sign up for the Everest Challenge, go to the “Menu” button then click on the “Challenges” window in the middle right section of the menu. You can check out your progress by clicking on the Challenges window.

Join Group Rides or Races

Joining group rides or races in Zwift is one of the best ways to complete climbing challenges and earn points towards unlocking the Tron Bike. You can join pre-existing groups or create your own with friends and family members who also play Zwift.

Complete Individual Time Trials

If joining group rides isn’t your thing, then completing individual time trials may be a better option. This involves riding solo against yourself to beat your previous times while still earning points toward unlocking the Tron Bike.

Climb as Much as Possible

The more climbing you do within Zwift, the faster you unlock the Tron Bike! Try setting yourself daily goals that involve climbing certain hills or mountains within a certain amount of time – this will help keep you motivated and focused on getting that sweet new ride!

Set Yourself Challenges

Setting yourself personal challenges, such as trying to climb higher than ever or beating another player’s time trial score, can help push you further to reach your goal of unlocking the Tron Bike faster than ever before!

Be patient; unlocking any item in Zwift takes time, so don’t expect results overnight. Stay focused on improving each day until, eventually, all those hours spent grinding away pay off, and that shiny new bike appears right there at your feet, ready for use.

Tips For Completing Climbing Challenges

Climbing challenges are a great way to test your endurance and push yourself to the limit. But they can also be intimidating, especially if you’re not used to tackling steep hills or long climbs. Here are some tips for completing climbing challenges with ease:

Practice on Hills

Practicing on hills before taking on a challenge is key! Not only will this give you an idea of how much effort is required, but it will also help build up the strength and stamina needed for longer climbs over steeper terrain. If possible, join group rides that tackle challenging climbs regularly so you can get comfortable with them before taking on a big challenge ride.

Pace Yourself

It may seem tempting to go all-out from the start of a climb, but this could lead to burnout halfway through – leaving no energy reserves for when things get tough at higher altitudes! Instead, find a steady pace that allows you to maintain control throughout the ride while progressing toward your goal height without getting too tired.

Fuel Up Right

Eating correctly before any climb is essential as it gives your body enough fuel and energy to tackle more challenging sections later. Make sure that whatever food or drink choices are made, they provide enough carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins & minerals to keep going strong until reaching high heights.

Consider Power-Ups

Consider using power-ups such as “Boosts,” which give extra speed during climbs; these can help shave off time and make those long ascents much more bearable!

Take a Break

Don’t forget about recovery periods between rides; take breaks when needed so that you stay motivated throughout your journey toward unlocking the coveted Tron Bike!

Staying motivated throughout a climb can be difficult, as they can take hours depending on their length and difficulty level. Try listening to music or podcasts related to cycling topics to keep pushing forward even when things become difficult. These often contain inspiring stories from professional cyclists who have overcome their struggles while riding uphill, which should motivate anyone trying to conquer the same feat.

Following these tips, you can quickly and confidently complete any climbing challenge on the Zwift Tron Bike quickly and confidently.

How Long Does It Take to Unlock the Tron Bike?

This will depend on how often you ride but it could take a couple of months to year to unlock the Zwift Tron Bike.

Benefits Of The Zwift Tron Bike

Unlocking the Zwift Tron Bike will earn you bragging rights. Climbing 50,000 meters is surely a feat. But aside from that, the Tron Bike also a great all-arounder bike in Zwift–good enough for both climbs and races.

Is Tron Bike Faster than other Zwift bikes?

The Tron Bike isn’t the fastest bike in Zwift though it once held that title.

Several bikes including the Specialized Venge S-Works, Felt AR, Cervelo S5 2020, Uranium Nuclear, Canyon Aeroad 2021, Cervelo S5, and others are faster than the Tron Bike when they are paired with Zipp 858/disc.

However, if the bike frames mentioned above are not paired with the Zipp 858/disc, the Tron is still the fastest bike in the game.


The Zwift Tron Bike is a great way to experience indoor cycling and make it more enjoyable.

Getting the coveted Zwift Tron bike requires dedication and hard work, but it can be done! Whether you unlock the Tron Bike in a couple of months or it takes you a year, the important thing is that the Zwift Tron Bike helps you stay motivated in your fitness journey. You are enjoying the game and getting fit at the same time, plus you will have a glowing Tron bike to show for it.

Will There Be A Real Zwift Tron Bike?

There has been speculations that Zwift will come out with a real Tron bike. This started a little more than a year ago when a survey was sent out to a select group of users asking them which trainer they would likely choose from a fictional store. Among the choices were the Zwift Ride (indoor bike) and the Zwift Wheel (trainer). The CEO admitted that they were developing its own hardware.

Zwift did came up with a its own trainer called the Zwift Hub but it does not look like the one they put on the survey. As of this time, there is no indication that the “Zwift Tron Bike” will come to life soon.

FAQs about “How to Get the Zwift Tron Bike – Tips and Tricks”

Is the Tron bike faster than the TT bike?

TT Bikes are generally faster than the Tron on flat grounds but the Tron performs better during climbs.

Is the Tron bike good for climbing?

The Tron bike is an excellent choice for climbing. It has a lightweight frame, adjustable gearing, and a low center of gravity, making it ideal for tackling hills and mountains.

Can you change the color of your TRON bike on Zwift?

Yes, you can change the color of your TRON bike on Zwift. The customization options are available in the game’s settings menu and allow you to choose from various colors for both the frame and wheels. You can customize other parts, such as handlebars, saddles, and pedals. This feature allows cyclists to personalize their experience while riding indoors with an indoor cycling trainer connected to Zwift.

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