Does The Star Trac 4RB Recumbent Bike Have Bluetooth?

Does The Star Trac 4RB Recumbent Bike Have Bluetooth?

Are you thinking of getting a Star Trac 4 RB Recumbent Bike and wondering it if has Bluetooth compatibility? We’ve got the answers. We’ll also discuss the features and benefits of the Star Trac 4 Series bikes.

Is Star Track 4 RB Bluetooth compatible?

There are three models under the Star Trac 4 RB series: the 15″ Embedded Display, 10″ Touchscreen Display, & 10″ LCD. Among them, only Star Track 4 RB has Bluetooth connectivity for data tracking/app connectivity, HR monitor and headphones. It also has ANT+ for group display.

However, if you are considering the other two models in the series, the Star Trac 4 Series Recumbent Bike w/10″ Touch Display and the Star Trac 4 Series Recumbent Bike w/10″ LCD, you should know that they do not have bluetooth capabilities.

What is a recumbent bike?

A recumbent bike is a type of stationary bike that has a reclined seat and pedals in front of the body, rather than below. This design allows for a more comfortable and ergonomic riding position, especially for people with lower back pain, joint issues, or limited mobility. A recumbent bike also provides more support for the upper body and reduces the stress on the neck and shoulders.

The Star Trac 4 Series

If you are looking for a recumbent bike that offers the look and performance of a full commercial product, but is suitable for smaller facilities such as hotels, apartments, or home gyms, you might want to check out the Star Trac 4rb Recumbent Bike. This bike is part of the 4 Series cardio line from Star Trac.

The Star Trac 4 Series Recumbent Bike is a high-quality exercise machine that offers a comfortable and effective workout.

You can also choose from three different display options: a full color 10″ LCD, a 10″ capacitive touchscreen, or a 15″ openhub touchscreen. The display shows you important information such as speed, distance, calories, time, heart rate, and resistance level.

Here are some of the other features of the recumbent bike.

  • A full color display that shows important workout data such as time, distance, speed, calories, heart rate, and resistance level. The display also has quick select keys that allow you to adjust the speed and resistance with one touch.
  • An optional personal viewing screen that lets you watch your favorite TV shows or videos while you exercise. The screen is compatible with various cable and satellite providers, as well as HDMI inputs.
  • A walk-through design and intuitive wrap-around seat adjust that make it easy to access and change the seat position. The seat is also padded and contoured for comfort and support.
  • A contact and telemetry heart rate monitor that helps you track your cardiovascular health and stay in your target zone. The bike also has Polar® compatible heart rate straps for wireless monitoring.
  • A USB port that provides charging capability for your devices such as smartphones or tablets. You can also use the port to transfer your workout data to a compatible app or website.
  • A built-in fan that keeps you cool and refreshed during your workout. The fan has multiple speed settings and can be turned on or off as needed.
  • Soft Trac® pedals that provide ultimate shock-absorbing comfort throughout the entire workout. The pedals also have straps to secure your feet and prevent slipping.
  • A powder-coated steel frame that is durable and sturdy. The bike can support up to 350 lbs of user weight and has transport wheels for easy mobility.
  • A self-generating or plug-in power option that gives you flexibility and convenience. The bike can operate without an external power source, or you can plug it in to use the personal viewing screen or other features that require electricity.
  • Multi-language options
  • 20+ pre-programmable workouts

What are the benefits of the Star Trac 4rb Recumbent Bike?

The Star Trac 4rb Recumbent Bike offers many benefits for your health and fitness, such as:

  • Improving your cardiovascular endurance and strength by increasing your heart rate and oxygen consumption. The bike has 40 levels of resistance that challenge you at different intensities and simulate various terrains.
  • Burning calories and fat by increasing your metabolic rate and energy expenditure. The bike can help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight by creating a calorie deficit. You can also use the bike to do interval training, which boosts your calorie burn even after you finish exercising.
  • Toning and strengthening your lower body muscles by engaging your glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, and hip flexors. The bike also works your core muscles by stabilizing your spine and pelvis.
  • Reducing the impact and stress on your joints by providing a low-impact workout. The bike is ideal for people with arthritis, osteoporosis, or other joint problems, as well as for injury prevention and recovery.
  • Enhancing your mental well-being by releasing endorphins and serotonin, which are natural chemicals that improve your mood and reduce stress. The bike also allows you to enjoy entertainment or music while you exercise, which can make your workout more fun and enjoyable.


The Star Trac 4 Series Recumbent Bike is a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a low-impact cardio exercise. It is designed to provide comfort, performance, and convenience for users of all fitness levels.

The bike has many features that make it easy to use and customize to your preferences and needs. It also offers many benefits for your physical and mental health, such as improving your cardiovascular fitness, burning calories, toning muscles, reducing joint pain, and boosting your mood.

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