10 Crazy Wall Mounted Bike Storage Ideas

Those of us living in a modest home can attest that it has some perks. For one, it takes less time to clean and maintain. But having less space obviously comes with a challenge when it comes to storing and organizing our belongings that we can’t live without–which for my case are my bikes and related accessories.

How do you store your bikes when you live in a small home or apartment? The best option is to wall mount your bikes to save on floor space. This is also a cool way to display your bike and add a little personality to your home.

If you own your home, then you will not have any problem with this approach. But if you are renting, check first with your landlord if you are allowed to drill on your walls.

Here are some wall mounted bike storage ideas that will reclaim your floor space.

Go Minimalist

If you want a minimalist design that will just blend in your home, I recommend this stylish wall mounted bike hangers from Play-Haus Design.

I just love its industrial look with its solid wood and heavy-duty welded steel. You can even choose the type of wood: elm, white oak, red oak, ash, walnut, and maple to complement the existing furniture in your house.

Play-Haus Design Walnut and Steel Indoor Bicycle Wall Mount Hanger Rack

It also comes in two sizes: 1.5″ channel for road bike frames and 2.0″ channels for larger frames.

I also learned that the company behind this wall mounted bike hangers uses sustainable materials for the products. It claims that it only uses wood from fallen trees and recycled materials for its packaging. That’s another good reason to get this bike hanger if you ask me.

For a minimalist and modern way to store and display your bike, I say go for Cycloc HeroOpens in a new tab..

Cycloc Hero has one main pedal support which will hold the bike’s pedal and two wheel rests to give additional support to the bike and to protect the wall from scuff and dirt at the same time. It is available in seven colors–black, white, blue, green, red, pink, and yellow.

Once you mount your bike, the Cycloc Hero seems to disappear into the wall, except for the little color you may see under the bike’s wheel. If you got the white variant and mounted your bike on a white wall, then it would even be less noticeable. I would like mine to have a dash of color though.

Cycloc Hero is ideal for bikes with platform pedals. It is also compatible with Platform SPD, Clipless SPD, Toe Clip, and LOOK pedals. Also, it is compatible with most bikes.

Clug Opens in a new tab.is another modern and minimalist bike storage solution. It is basically a clip that you mount on your wall to clip your bike’s tire in.

Take note that when storing your bike vertically, the rear wheel must be resting on the floor. It cannot fully support your bike with just the clip.

It also comes in three colors — black, black-white, and white-orange. The Clugs are not universal for all bikes though. They do have variants for hybrid, road, and mountain bikes.

Ibera Horizontal Bicycle Bike Wall Hanger

This Ibera Adjustable Wall HangerOpens in a new tab. is also a good choice for wall mounted bike storage.

It has adjustable arms and suitable for most bike frames to keep the wheels horizontal. The length of the hanger beam is also adjustable to accommodate narrow or wide handlebars.

The frame holders are padded with foam to protect your bike from scratches.


If you want a way to store your bike and its accessories too, it is best to get a wall mount bike storage that is double duty.

I recommend this Fold Away Bicycle MountOpens in a new tab. from Cor Surf. It has a shelf where you can put your helmet, keys, and other things you need on the go. You can fold it away when not in use.

It is also made from bamboo which is a sustainable material so another plus point there for being eco-friendly. The only downside it cannot carry full suspension mountain bikes and women’s bikes. The weight limit is 45 lbs.

Another great option for double-duty bike storage is this Byko Wall mounted Bicycle Storage ShelfOpens in a new tab. from Wallniture.

The shelves are made of high-quality wood and can accommodate your helmet and other accessories. It also features four hooks where you can hang your keys, gloves, and other things. It is perfect in your entryway so you can just grab what you need and go. It is available in gray and walnut colors.

This Single Folding Bike RackOpens in a new tab. from Racor has a handy shelf for your bike’s accessories. The rack folds flat when not in use. It is made of solid steel with a black epoxy finish.

Personally, I prefer the look of the bike rack with a wooden shelf like the products mentioned above because they seem like the usual pieces of furniture. However, this Racor Folding Bike Rack is a lot cheaper and does the job too. So if you want something more affordable, this product is for you.

J-Hook Metal Steel Kayak Ladder Wall Mount

My next recommended product might surprise you because it is not exactly a bike rack. This J Hook Kayak HangerOpens in a new tab. is well, for Kayaks. However, it does have lower hooks that can be used to hang a mountain or road bike by the wheels.

So if you are really much into the outdoor lifestyle and own both bike and kayak, then this is the perfect storage solution for you. When not in use, you can rotate the arms to fold flat into the wall. The contact points are rubberized so you don’t have to worry about scratching your bike and gears.

For the ultimate storage solution, consider this One Level Garage ShelfOpens in a new tab. from Tidy Garage.

I must mention that it doesn’t come with the plywood shelf (as stated on the site). You have to buy it separately, and its not available in the company’s store either. What you will get are the left and right bracket, eight vinyl coated hooks, and two ladder hooks.

You can hang your bike by the wheel on the steel vinyl coated hooks that attach to the bracket. The shelf and the bracket can hold a maximum of 300 lbs. The width of the shelf will depend on your preference. But the recommended size is four feet to eight feet.

Easy loading

If you really need to save on floor space but do not want to lift heavy bikes, then this Steadyrack Classic Bike RackOpens in a new tab. may be the solution that you are looking for.

You can easily load the bike by balancing the bike on its rear wheel, then rolling its front wheel up into the rack. Then clip the rear wheel into the rear tire rest.

You can keep your bike in the 90-degree position or you can swivel your bike to the side to save even more space. Just remove the rear wheel from the rear tire rest and swivel to the side. You can also fold the rack when not in use.

It can carry a maximum weight of 35 kilograms. It is compatible with hybrid, road, and select mountain bikes with tire diameters 20” to 29” and widths up to 2.4”

Related Questions

Can these storage racks be mounted on a dry wall? I strongly suggest to consult the individual guides for the products mentioned above before installing. But as a general rule, it is best to mount these on studs to make hanging your bikes secure.

I would like to free up floor space but I am not allowed to mount anything on the wall. What are my options? I suggest you go with this gravity bike rackOpens in a new tab. that can carry two bikes and leans on the wall without having to mount it.

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